Dr Priyank Arya

M.Sc., Ph.D. (Environmental Science)
Founder, EHS Services
Founder & Vice President, WMARS (Waste Management & Recycling Society)

  • Dr. Priyank Arya, an EHS-Sustainability Professional having +21 Year’s multi sectors industrial experience on CSR, Carbon Footprints, Statutory compliances, Industrial Safety, Industrial Waste Management & Zero Liquid Discharge. He has completed master’s & Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences with diploma in Industrial Safety. He was awarded as ‘50 Most Impactful EHS Professional’ of India in Y-2017.

  • During his 21 Years industrial professional carrier, was associated with Dabur India Ltd., Jubilant Life Sciences, DCM Sriram and few more corporates as Head EHS.

  • Presently he is Founder Director of EHS Services and advising on Environment Compliance, Waste Management, Plastic Waste Compliance, Ground Water Compliance, EHS Statutory & Legal Liaison, Industrial Safety, EHS Audits, EHS Training & Awareness & Providing skilled EHS workforce to the different institutions/corporates.

  • He served as committee member/advisor for MSMECCII, IIM Sirmaur-HP,  MoEFCC, CPCB, SPCB’s, CII, FICCI, IBA, PACE, We-Care, PPWMS, UNDP, FSSAI and many more…

  • Currently in Waste Management & Recycling Society (WMARS), he is one of Founding Member and holding Vice President position.

Key Expertise

  • EHS Management Philosophy successfully developed and implemented towards a sustainable
  • Expert on Green/Brown EHS-Sustainability Projects becoming zero discharge, zero emissions, and zero waste organization.
  • Identify, Implement & Sustain 3R’s (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) Environment Principles considering
    industrial requirements.
  • In-depth experience in operating different types of effluent treatment plants (Aerobic, Anaerobic,
    Sewage, Reverse Osmosis-Spiral/Plate type, MEE, Incinerator).
  • Established, implement & sustain 3M’ (Man-Material-Machine) Safety Principles considering JSA,
    RCA, HAZOP, Work Permits, Daily violations, Training, Emergency Preparedness- On/Off-site,
    Incident analysis, Drills – Fire/Mock, etc.
  • Expert to build and upgrade Industrial Safety Culture by achieving Zero Incidents, Occupational
    health hazards, Identification of hazards, Unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions, and Implementation of
    corrections & protection measures at the workplace.

Special Contribution on PWM/SWM Rules and EPR Compliances

  • Dr. Arya has been working on SWM/PWM Rule 2016 since April 2016. According to him becoming plastic waste neutral is a great way to help stop plastic from entering the water bodies and littering in Environment. 
  • He had 4 years of groundwork experience only in Solid & Plastic Waste Management with Regulatory Bodies/ULBs/ Recyclers / Coprocessors / Ragpickers / Aggregators / Transporters / NGOs / WMA / Institutions / Audit Agencies on Solid & Plastic Waste Management and has been supporting young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to reducing plastic pollution.
  • Dr Arya motivated different PIBOs (Producers, Importers & Brand Owners) to become plastic waste neutral including waste collection and recycling/end-of-life.
  • He derived to conduct India’s 1st MLP Collection Drive (WeCare & EPR Connect) with the help of CPCB, SPCBs, ULB & multi-state Waste Management Agencies. These 2 pilot projects covered Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi-NCR, U.P, Haryana, Uttarakhand & Ahmedabad along with CPCB, SPCB’s, and ULB’s with a collection of approx. 1500 MT of MLP.
  • He was one of the committee members for framing National EPR Guidelines along with MoEFCC, CPCB, UNDP, WeCare, PACE, Recyclers & WMA/PRO’s.
  • He led and supported to form of multiple industry consortiums as, 

WeCare (Waste Efficient Collection and Recycling Efforts Society) for Multilayer Plastic with a vision of bringing all PIBO to a common platform for recycling MLP duly supported by +35 PIBOs. https://wecareforenvironment.com/ 

– AARC (Action Alliance for Recycling Beverage Cartons) with a vision of double the collection and recycling of used paper cartons by 2025 duly supported by +15 Brands. https://aarc.org.in/ 

– PACE (PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment) is an industry body to promotes the benefits of PET packaging for a safe and clean environment duly supported by +25 PIBOs. http://www.paceindia.org.in/profile.html

  • He is one of the brains behind instrumenting “PPWMS Society” (Punjab Plastic Waste Management Society) having + 50 PIBOs. He helped to lay the foundation of India’s first successful MLP-specific EPR Model since 2018 based on the Private Public Partnership (PPP) model with a theme “Swach Punjab – Swasth Punjab”. Presently PPWMS is targeting for +9000 MT of MLP waste collection.
  • Did multiple representations on behalf of PIBO’s Consortiums (WeCare, AARC, PACE, PPWMS, CII, FICCI, IBA, AIPMA) to MoEFCC, CPCB, SPCB’s (UPPCB, HSPCB, BSPCB, KSPCB, J&KPCB, TNPCB, KSPCB, KPCB, HPPCB, UEPCB, A&N, etc.) & FSSAI for addressing multiple issues for implementing PWM Rule EPR compliances.
  • Facilitate Brands to do MLP PWM EPR compliance from 450 MT to +1,50,000 MT.
  • Framed ‘Must Have’ and ‘Good to Have’ PWM EPR Documents to meet PWM Rule 2016, 2018 & 2021 (Draft).
  • He worked with different ULBs/SPCBs and created Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) on the PPP Model (for example: PPWMS Society in Punjab) for the successful implementation of PWM Rule EPR compliances and many more are in the pipeline.
  • Presently he is advising multi-state SPCBs, Waste Management Agencies, Plastic Waste Recyclers/Co-Processors, PIBO, and their associations on different issues related to PWM Rule 2016, amended 2018.
Dr Arya is an expert in developing PPP Model and can bring all key stakeholders (PIBOs / WMA / Recyclers / Co-processors / Authorities / ULBs / SPCBs / Others) to a common platform required for PWM compliance in the state.
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